Leave Me In The Dirt

by Woodgraves

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All music and lyrics written by me except for words on "For a Friend, By a Friend (That Friend Is Me)", which were written by my best bud Cory Robinson.


released September 24, 2013



all rights reserved


Woodgraves Missouri

Ryan Small

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Track Name: Family Matters
For me, family's a concept that died six years ago. Yeah, I have a home, a place to sleep at night, but what's the point of a home that doesn't feel right? Father's always gone at work and mother's moved on with her life. Dear old brother, we've barely spoke in years. I wish that I could say that I missed the way it used to be. But now I think I'm better off all alone in this world. I'm all alone in this world, everyone that I've loved has left me behind.
Track Name: Crawling
I can't help it, because being dead feels like a much better plan than trying to cope with everything around me. A feeling of worthlessness keeps crawling back, and it eats away at me until there's nothing left. I can't seem to contemplate the happiness that everyone else seems to hold. Maybe one day I'll find out what's wrong with me, but until then I'll sit right here staring out the window.
Track Name: Dead Weather
Look to the trees and tell me what you see. Are they roots and leaves, or do they resemble me? It's winter now, cold binds us. We're stuck in a trance we can't get out of. We're all dead in the winter. Our limbs are breaking like branches.
Track Name: Autumn Air
3:30am and I'm alone alone again, smoking away my feelings. Not regretting a moment from the year that has passed. All I feel now is the chilly autumn air, tracing my fingers as I kill myself slowly with your all familiar scent. 5:30am and I'm still alone, wishing I could hear your voice one last time say "I love you".
Track Name: For a Friend, By a Friend (That Friend Is Me)
a break to make the heart weak as i pace around my own haunting thoughts wishing i could hear you say "i love you" i stumble and collapse into this darkness that is my own self hate without a light to guide me out
Track Name: Let the Waves Carry Me to Pieces (I hope I drown next to your lifeless body)
Bury me alive at sea and let me drown on the ocean floor. These waves will keep me company like you never did. I'll wash up on the shore. Slowly draining my life, I'll soon be no more. I saw your body at the bottom of the ocean. Your veins were clogged with a salty white shade. I'm floating still, not knowing when you'll leave again.